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Creative producer.
Cultural omnivore.
Founder of Pudding.
My whole schtick is using culture to make big ideas more accessible.

Over the last ten years I have demystified philosophy, popularised poetry, philanthropy and film, and made climate change compelling to the creative community. And I'm the founder of Pudding, a post-event forum for audiences to that's the sweet spot between organisations and their audiences.

Creative entrepreneurialism, freelancing and facilitation are all my wheelhouse. Get in touch if you think there's something we could cook up together.

Like the cut of my gib?
I've spoken on art and change, and creative entrepreneurialism for 
organisations include The Design Museum, the Barbican, Kings Head Theatre, the Roundhouse, Calouste Gulbenkian.

From facilitating workshops for under 13s to hosting events on contemporary poetry, get in touch if you need a  compere. 
If a bit of consultation on live events, audience development is more your jam,  you're in luck there too.

Our sector needs ya. So I've set up a regular office hour for early career arts professionals on Mondays from 4-5pm . If it'd be helpful to talk to someone about your next steps, use the button above to book in some time.

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